Recycling tips

Here are some tips for recycling from a recent article on stuff – please recycle mindfully.

Reduce. It’s energy-intensive to recycle something, so it’s best to say no to recyclable materials if you don’t need them. For example, you could refuse a paper bag or put a no junk mail sign on your letterbox.

Clean. Leftover and spoiled food, drink or cosmetics in containers can leak through and send a whole load of recycling to the dump. Give all items a quick rinse before placing them in your recycling bag or bin.

Toss small items. Even if made from recyclable materials, tiny things such bread tags and paper scraps can’t be recycled, but they can jam sorting machines. Anything smaller than the palm of your hand is better off in the trash.

Don’t “wishcycle. If you’re unsure if something is recyclable, check your council website or give them a call. Don’t simply toss it in the recycling bin.