Who will you vote for?

“Business as usual” won’t transform our city to be a low-carbon, sustainable one. Nor will “business as usual” voting!

So dig in to the details and find out who is actually going to lead us out of our climate emergency. Council and even the local board are critical to implementing a good plan; moves from central government will filter through in the medium term but this steady march towards climate catastrophe requires some immediate action which only Council can take.

Here are four sources of information about the candidates in our local area based on answers given to questionnaires.

Transition Town Pt Chevalier

Generation Zero

Bike Pt Chevalier

The Spinoff

Happy voting!

Safer speeds in Auckland – open letter

Safer speeds and traffic calming is an important tool in the transport carbon emissions reduction toolkit. Our people will only be able to shift from car dependency to low-carbon active travel in the numbers required for an appropriate climate change response, if the unsafe traffic environment in this city is fixed. Making our city safe is the only ethical way forward, shown by the number of children being hit recently even in the nearby area. All have been hit on roads where the speed limits do not meet international guidelines.

Hence my letter to one of the candidates for Councillor in our ward.



If you are interested in the follow-up discussion please contact us.

Future-proofing Auckland: is building a sustainable city really possible?

Wednesday 10 April 2019
Grand Millennium, Auckland City Center
5:00pm – 7:00pm

With Auckland’s population set to swell to 2 million by as early as 2029, growing demands on housing and infrastructure, and climate change exposing our city to impending natural disasters, future-proofing Auckland has become more important than ever before.

The way we plan, design, construct and govern our city will determine Auckland’s future viability.  The world’s cities are under threat by climate change.  Building a sustainable city is an integral part of Auckland’s future.

But what does the ideal sustainable city look like?  And is it possible?  Join us with Dr Michelle Dickinson as she facilitates the conversation focusing on crucial attributes and solutions – high-rise medium-density, incorporating resilience into urban design and development, and high-quality living for our people with easy access to employment, social infrastructure and clean, green spaces. 

More details here.

Invitation for TT people to join the Collectively Kids mini march

Kia ora,

We are a small early childhood centre situated at 28 Carrington Road and will be taking part in the Strike for climate action on Friday March 15th. 

Kaiako and parents will be accompanying the tamariki from our centre to march along Carrington Road, towards Mt Albert Road, at 10.30 on Friday morning.

A focus on envrionmental education has been an integral part of our centre curriculum for many years and we feel strongly that time is running out. 

We need to act now.

Feel free to join us on Friday. 

We will have morning tea at 10am and begin the march at 10.30.

Please let us know if you are coming.

For  more information or any questions, please email collectivelykids@xtra.co.nz or see our websitewww.collectivelykids.com

Ngā mihi nui

Marina Bachmann and the team at Collectively Kids

“If you don’t act like adults, we will.”

Kia ora and greetings,

Please take a moment to read the attached: “If you don’t act like adults we will”.

There is also a short video by Bronwyn Hayward who shares her thoughts about “Children, Citizenship and Environment” which may be helpful when deciding to accept the children’s invitation to sign the petition and the request to share it on your social media.

Na mihi
Angus from ActionStation

Psychology of climate denialism

This is an interesting article. The psychological aspects of climate denialism were something some of our members have been studying for a while – and I was treated to Action Station’s excellent “Climate Conversations Training” a couple of years ago, which touched on the subject too. The range of types of denialism are good to think about, too. Like those who have given up on reducing the scale of climate change, and think our only option is to adapt.


“every inch of warming makes a difference”—we cannot stop the process of warming altogether, but we can control whether climate change yields a future that is apocalyptic or instead “merely grim.”

It reminds us that Transition Town has never been about just adaptation to a new reality. Our first, and most urgent job, is to meet this huge challenge by reducing our contribution to climate change.

The good news for a city like Auckland, is that reducing our transport carbon emissions and preventing further loss of soil carbon in greenfields growth, are both not only possible, but doing so would improve lifestyles, and increase community connections and quality of life.

In the process, Auckland can inspire other cities around the world to do the same. It’s wonderful Transition Town stuff.

Presentation of Extinction Rebellion to Auckland Council – Tuesday 12th March 9am at Town Hall

Please join XR next Tuesday at 9am to urge Auckland Council to declare a Climate Emergency!

If you have a spare couple of hours next Tuesday morning, Extinction Rebellion Tamaki Makaurau Auckland is making a presentation to the Auckland Council about the need for immediate action on climate change. We are speaking at the Community and Environment committee meeting. It would be great to have support from other climate groups around Auckland. 

Extinction Rebellion will be presenting our proposal to Auckland Council, calling on them to join 369 councils all over the world by declaring a Climate Emergency and acting with proper urgency. 

Meet at the bottom of the council chambers in the Town Hall – 9am Tuesday 12th March. Please wear black.

Climate Hui – Sunday 17th March 3pm at Cityside Baptist Church, 7 Mt Eden Road

The Tamaki Makaurau Extinction Rebellion group is organising a hui of all climate action groups in Auckland. I’m one of the liaison people. We are inviting one or two people from each group. The purpose is to meet, discuss common kaupapa and see where we might join together on upcoming projects/actions. It’s on Sunday 17th March 3pm at Cityside Baptist Church, 7 Mt Eden Road.