Climate Change Commission (CCC) – submission due 28 March

The closing date/time for submissions on the Climate Action is this Friday March 28, presumably midnight. The Government Climate Change Commission (CCC) submission form is very simple (much easier than the Auckland Council one), people can either fill in some/all of the spaces under any one or all of the six headings as following:

  1. The Pace of Change
  2. Future Generations
  3. Our Contribution
  4. Role and Type of Forest
  5. Policy Priorities to Reduce Emissions
  6. Technology and Behaviour Change

Here is a template from the Greens – if you would like some ideas. Or you could write a simple general submission and send it directly to Dr Rod Carr, Chair of the CCC.

Because the government submission form has a special designation of “Young Person” a member of our group has sent in her 7 year old granddaughter’s thoughts (all her own she assures us ;>) on what we need to do to help the climate: 

  • Stop creating rubbish   (Last year she went on a school trip to the city rubbish dump & it affected her greatly!)
  • No more cars/buses/trucks that use petrol – change to electric
  • Use solar and wind power for factories
  • Don’t cut down trees – plant more trees
  • Make toys for kids out of re-usable materials, like wood
  • Use paper cups and straws and wooden spoons at parties, not plastic (and no balloons, because they are plastic and when you let them go, the fish eat them and they die)

Even if all you do is to ask your children/grandchildren their thoughts, and just put only those into the form, you will be taking some action on behalf of the planet in this way. Please do something – it takes such a tiny amount of time.

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