Psychology of climate denialism

This is an interesting article. The psychological aspects of climate denialism were something some of our members have been studying for a while – and I was treated to Action Station’s excellent “Climate Conversations Training” a couple of years ago, which touched on the subject too. The range of types of denialism are good to think about, too. Like those who have given up on reducing the scale of climate change, and think our only option is to adapt.

“every inch of warming makes a difference”—we cannot stop the process of warming altogether, but we can control whether climate change yields a future that is apocalyptic or instead “merely grim.”

It reminds us that Transition Town has never been about just adaptation to a new reality. Our first, and most urgent job, is to meet this huge challenge by reducing our contribution to climate change.

The good news for a city like Auckland, is that reducing our transport carbon emissions and preventing further loss of soil carbon in greenfields growth, are both not only possible, but doing so would improve lifestyles, and increase community connections and quality of life.

In the process, Auckland can inspire other cities around the world to do the same. It’s wonderful Transition Town stuff.

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