The Carterton group has merged with the Wairarapa group.

Resilience by Design: Ecological Footprinting For Resilient Regional Planning

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Location / Venue: 
Victoria University of Wellington, Te Aro Campus

Carterton District Council draft Walking and Cycling Strategy

Carterton District Council is asking for comments on its draft Walking and Cycling Strategy.  » Read more

Dirt Doctor Seminars come to Lower Hutt!

Dirt Doctor is coming to Lower Hutt for a 5 part seminar series in November!

Our soil focused methods teach you to grow the soil that grows your garden from scratch!  These bio-intensive techniques can be applied to any soil to create a sustainable, productive and resillient garden.  Feed a family of four on just 30 minutes of work a week!

Location / Venue: 
Waitohu Road, Eastbourne

Dirt Doctor seminar series!





Location / Venue: 
Melrose, Wellington

Art of Scything Introduction workshop

The Art of Scything is worth learning, so you can replace your noisy smelly and oil guzzling lawn mower or weed eater and instead enjoy the birds singing while you work.

T'ai Chi style helps you ork with your legs, not your back.

All you need to enjoy the workshop is supplied.

Usually a 3-hour workshops beginning at 9 am. $60 per head.

You learn how to set up the parts of the scythe to fit you, how to mow t'ai chi style, how to mow around a tree and how to maintain your blade and other equipment. We also advise whch blades will suit you and your purpose. » Read more

Location / Venue: 
5 Dorset Road, Carterton.

Advanced Soil Biology and Microorganism Workshop!

Advanced Soil Biology and Microorganism Technology Workshop!!! Discover the microorganism technologies in compost tea and mulching.  Learn the benefits of a healthy soil food-web and how to create one in your garden. » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Mt. Victoria, Wellington

SC Agenda 29 Mar 2008

Apologies: Robin

Reports from members:

Strategic Plan to Raise Awareness In Wairarapa

1) Website

2) Articles


4) Local Films

5) Presentations or Stalls in conjunction with other organisations

Tools for raising awareness

6) Email signature / Slogan

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SC Meetings Notes 9 Mar 2008

Attendees: Pamela, Judith, Robin, Marie, Helen, Sonia

Apologies: Karyn who will no longer attend

Reports from members:


  • talked about website changes and media release based on petrol price


  • nothing to report

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