Guide to Transition Towns email lists

We are using a mailing list manager for the Transition Town lists for New Zealand. All local initiatives are welcome to use this service. We have not yet created lists for all local initiatives, so if you need a (set of) lists to help you to get started staying in touch with people in your local community, please write an email to:

Please give the email address of the person who will administer the list (this administration function is usually limited to subscribing people who signed up on paper sheets at public events).

You can find the current list of email lists by clicking on

Subscribing is easy: just click on the list you'd like to subscribe to and follow the instructions.

Some advantages of this system

Here are some example addresses:

Now imagine that you have just discovered an amazing opportunity or piece of information that is relevant to those people involved in food issues in each community. Now you can email everyone in all the food lists with one email to