Mt Victoria August meeting - 'Bill Nye's global meltdown'

Tuesday 8th August at 7.30pm, at 24e Elizabeth St, Mount Victoria. 'Bill Nye’s global meltdown’.We will watch the dvd ‘Bill Nye's global meltdown: the five stage of climate change grief'. Scientist Bill Nye examines the earth's warming temperatures through the prism of the five stages of grief. All welcome. For more information contact Frank Cook, 027 6496508

Location / Venue: 
24e Elizabeth St, Mount Victoria, Wellington

Petition for getting the 3rd and 4th Main Trunk Lines built

The new 3rd and 4th main between Wiri and Westfield will help cut carbon emissions in NZ by vastly improving the passenger rail network in Auckland and improving the viability of rail to move freight in the country.

It also will improve walking and cycling safety in Auckland by removing trucks from the road network.

Can you share this with the local groups? Thanks.