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Creations are the things we make!  And the closer to home we make them, the less vulnerable we are to rising fuel prices and transportation interruptions.

  • Home Building
  • Clothing, Footwear, and Textiles

For information on plans and activities in Motueka, click links below.

Earth and Natural Materials Workshop rescheduled  March 2009

Retrofitting Houses  March 2009

Affordable Ecological Housing  February 2009

Earth and Natural Materials Workshop starting in March    February 2009

Harakeke Art on Display  November 2008

Spinners and Knitters October 2008

Workshop Notes - Homebuilding July 2008

Workshop Notes - Clothing, Textiles, and Footwear July 2008

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Natural Materials workshop being rescheduled

Natural Materials Workshop

Hello Friends,


Kia Ora, » Read more

Retrofitting Houses

The website below describes what I think is a marvellous idea for group retrofitting of houses, auditing energy losses and inefficiencies, then working as a team to fix insulation and deal with the various problems. The project is called HEET - I could imagine TT Motueka actually doing something like this. There is a parallel process with the Permaculture workshops run out of Nelson by Ted Howard and others. The workshop takes place on someone's land, which is actually worked on in the process of the workshop. » Read more

Affordable Ecological Housing

Next WEd. night, Feb 25th, 7.30pm Keith Preston is talking on Affordable, Ecological Housing at Community House. Do come, and bring your friend, your neighbour, your son or daughter. This is an important and problematic issue for this region. Keith plans to include: » Read more

Earth and Natural Materials Workshop

Mexican architect Jaime who is currently progressing his Ph.D. in
Architecture has much to convey from his diverse and richly resourced
homeland. A multiplicity of sustainable practice from people who have lived
close to the earth and been subject to plenty of adversity. This weaves
craft, community, shelter and beauty together with flair and gusto as
influenced by his ancestors.If you require more information or some
flexibility to the timetable to participate in this great opportunity please » Read more

Harakeke Art on Display

"Belonging" exhibition by Sally Austin, harakeke artist, is at the Jester House Cafe on Coastal Hwy, Tasman. Open 7 days from 9-5. The exhibit runs 20 Nov - 4 Dec.

Spinners and Knitters

Are you interested in such crafts. Phone Barbara: 528 7777 or Pat: 528 4500.


Copied from the Motueka-Golden Bay News.  Looks like good skills to have when cheap clothes from China aren't so abundant. Also looks like fun.

Workshop Notes - Clothing, Textiles, Footwear July 2008

Textiles, Clothes: Lynn is interested in teaching creative crafts, weaving and willow/cane work. Maiya is interested in weaving, recycling old textiles and fabric. The group talked of keeping skills already in the community. » Read more

Workshop Notes - Homebuilding July 2008

Homebuilding; The group talked of the need to be aware of regulations making it increasingly difficult to actively build your own home. » Read more

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