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Transition Tauranga is part of the Transition Towns movement: a grass roots approach to making our communities more self-reliant in the face of peak oil and climate change.

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Here in the western Bay of Plenty we have a region rich in natural resources and natural beauty. Produce abounds in our temperate climate and clean oceans. Let’s keep it that way!

The challenges presented to us today by climate change and peak oil are perhaps the greatest that humanity has faced. We have a golden opportunity for rethinking the way we live and making conscious choices about what kind of community and world we would like to live in.

By working with each other, we can support each other and get things done. We can seek local solutions. We can experiment and try out new sustainable approaches... local food, local energy, local industry.

Change is coming whether we like it or not – and a planned response to the change will leave us in a much stronger position than if we wait until change is upon us. We won't always know the answers but together we have the energy and innovation to create them.

If you would like to learn more and become part of our growing network to ensure Tauranga has a brighter future ahead please email us at transitiontauranga@gmail.com

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An introduction to Food Forest Gardening

Location / Venue: 
Katikati Community Resource Centre

An introduction to Food Forest Gardening

A starting point for budding gardeners wanting to create a stable, resilient garden ecosystem that largely maintains and renews itself. We’ll learn the basics of putting multi-purpose plants together in woodland-like patterns that create mutually beneficial relationships.


Location / Venue: 
Katikati Community Resource Centre

What is Permaculture and how does it apply to food production?

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Location / Venue: 
Katikati Community Resource Centre

vegetarian society potluck dinner

All Welcome!

just bring along a dish to share, and something to drink.

Enquiries to Carol at Food Garden - 578 1965


Location / Venue:
Food Garden Vegetarian Cafe, 1356 Cameron Road, Greerton


Location / Venue: 
Foodgarden Cafe, 1356 Cameron Rd, Greerton

Richard Heinberg - Life After Growth

Richard Heinberg will complete his Australian tour by spending two night in NZ - Sunday afternoon in Auckland, Monday Oct 1st in Hamilton during the day and the evening at Tauranga.
We are very fortunate to have this unique opportunity of hearing Richard as he is a much sought after speaker in many countries.
His expertise is far ranging covering critical issues including the current economic crisis, food and agriculture, community resilience and climate change. » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Baycourt Exhibition Hall, Durham Street, Tauranga

Filmnight: The Crisis of Civilization

How do climate change, energy and oil depletion, food shortages, economic crises, terrorism and foreign policy all interact as converging symptoms of a failing global system? Is industrial civilization sustainable into the 21st century?

This is a fantastic film that gives a concise overview of the many challenges and problems we face.

Also features clowns, car crashes, explosions, acrobats, super heroes, xylophones and much, much more.
A fantastic film. I don't think I've seen a more comprehensive 'welcome to the 21st Century' . - Richard Heinberg. » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Wesley Centre, 100 Thirteenth Ave, Tauranga


Kate & Kent's permaculture garden plan for Blitz #3 on the 7th of October!


Permablitzes are free events, open to the public, where you can learn a lot, share food, get some exercise and have a wonderful time.

Permablitz: an informational gathering involving a day on which a group of at least 2 people come together to achieve the following:

create or add to edible gardens where someone lives
share skills related to permaculture and sustainable living
Build community networks
Have fun! » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Please register for exact event location

Living Probiotics from your Pantry Workshop

Learn how to make Wonderful probiotic beverages in your kitchen!


Register with Jane: 5422257 or blissfulbubbles@xtra.co.nz

Location / Venue: 
190a Tara Rd, Papamoa

Make the most of GE Free NZ - Public meeting

Two australian farmers talk about the effects of GE crops on business and community. Followed by Steffen Browning List MP on GE in NZ.

Free Public Event.

Location / Venue: 
Wesley Centre, 100 Thirteenth Ave, Tauranga
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