Welcome to Transition Tairāwhiti!

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Kia ora!

Gisborne/Tairawhiti region joined the 'Transition Towns' global movement in August 2009.

A diverse group of local people have been meeting since to discuss ideas related to the sustainable futures for our communities.

A series of public events and projects organised by the Transition Tairāwhiti team have involved well in excess of 1,000 citizens since 2009 and more are always being planned.




Where we've come from...

In July 2012 it was agreed that work needs to start on the development of a public process for Tairāwhiti that will look 40 years into the future and identify a vision and plan to ensure the best future for our children, their children and the biodiversity of our region.

The Transition Tairāwhiti team began transitioning into a wide range of local initiatives like the campaign to reopen the Gisborne-Napier railway line, freshwater planning, local currencies and timebanks, community gardens, local election campaigns, Gisborne Cycling Advocacy Group, Plastic Bag Free Tairāwhiti, campaigns against oil and gas exploration in the region, a solar cooperative, a local savings pool and much more.


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  • 9/3/10: The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil - film evening
  • 12/12/09 the 'Tcktcktck Tairawhiti' candlelight vigil gathered locally at the Rose Gardens during the Copehagen Climate Change Summit.
  • 19/11/09 Transition Tairawhiti hosted the 'Forestry Futures' public seminar attended by over 60 people. Copies of the presentations from Eastland Wood Council and Eastland Port are available to download at the bottom of this page.
  • On the same day we also hosted a sold-out screening of 'The Age of Stupid' film at the Odeon Cinema.

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We had a great time at the A&P Show on 14-15 October (distributing envelopes with seeds with the image below).

A number of initiatives and groups are looking at connecting with the Transition Tairawhiti network and we're keen to connect with anyone interested in these issues...



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Some existing local initiatives & networks that align with the Transition Towns principles include:

- EAST local currency

- Gisborne Farmers Market

- Gisborne Fleamarket

- Tairawhiti Earth Centre (Gisborne Environment Centre)

- ReThinking Centre (GDC)

- Waiapu Restoration Project (Nga Taonga mo Nga Uri Tukuiho Trust)

- Out Of Our Own Backywards (Gisborne group)

- Critical Mass Gisborne

- Womens Native Tree Project


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