Starting your own Transition Town/Initiative

If you want to find out more about setting up a Transition Initiative in your community, please contact us.

We can offer support in the following ways:

  • Comprehensive 40 page pdf Transition Initiatives Primer to set you off on this journey. It is written by people in the UK so is quite focussed towards what is going on there, but is still very useful for us, here. It includes the following sections:
    • peak oil introduction
    • checklist for building a robust core team
    • 7 "Buts"
    • the 12 Steps to starting a Transition Initiative.
    • role of local government
    • movies for awareness raising (reviews, where to get them, licensing requirements)
    • getting businesses involved
    • questions of leadership and structure
    • recommended reading list for peak oil and climate change
  • Website with frequently updated content (you're reading it)
  • Advice and guidance on how to start up and develop your Transition Initiative
  • Help with designing your Unleashing event to get your initiative off to a good start
  • We'll give you space on this website, with your own "" web address
  • Transition Training

We're hoping that through this work, communities across NZ will unleash their own collective genius and embark on an imaginative and practical range of connected initiatives, leading to a way of life that is more resilient, more fulfilling and more equitable, and that has dramatically lower levels of carbon emissions.

(most of the content for this page was lifted straight from, the UK Transition Towns web site)