Meetings are held monthly:  Email for details


To the sound of trumpets, the Kingsland Transition Town was REACTIVATED from July 2011. We held an initial meeting of 11 people and follow up meetings continue.

We are exploring our next steps, which may include:

  • Waste minimisation / tidy-up campaign.
  • Community gardens – especially the possibility to using large yards – e.g in partnership with the elderly.
  • A local market / farmers market – especially for goods produced locally (veges, crafts etc)
  • Supply of coffee grounds from cafes (eg Crave) for garden
  • Resource sharing – eg tool sharing (either based in one shed or via a distributed network)
  • Supporting smart council initiatives / local board lobby.
  • Supporting good practice in schools – waste minimisation, herb growing, composting, re-cycling.
  • Local gardening workshops  (Composting; Worm farming; Bee Keeping; Landshare

To get in touch with the Kingsland TT initiative, contact Murray on 022 6750942 or Laura on 021 1295431 or email

We will look to create sub groups around people's interests, including: Energy; Waste; Gardening; Policy