Background To Coromandel Town activity

In 2005 'The End of Suburbia' was screened in Coromandel Town, introduced by Jeanette Fitzsimons. The screening started local interest in Peak Oil and questions about sustainability in the new century.

A local series of articles on issues including Peak Oil and Climate change was started in the towns gazette, the Coromandel Chronicle under the 'Green Blog' title.

Recently a group began investigating the possibility for a small community owned Wind Farm.

Further inspiration was added on the 2007 Eco Show in Taupo and the speech by Richard Heinberg, introducing the Transition Town Movement.

There seems to be a rising interest in getting involved in shaping a sustainable future for Coromandel Town among the residents.

The Transition Town introduction on Thursday the 22nd of May was in front of a packed Hauraki House theater and resulted in a the next mornings meeting to be also very well attended. A lot of very positive energy was gathered. A warm thanks to James Samuel, Joe Pearsall and Bryan Innes for giving our group a terrific support to get us started!

Steering committee.

Mission Statement

Upcoming Events

July 10th at 7:30 pm, Hauraki House Theatre, Coromandel Town

Screening of Power of Community An inspiring documentary on the effects of peak oil on the community of Cuba after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which subsidized a large part of Cuba's oil and energy imports.
Plus: Screening of Transition Town lecture by Joe Duff from the Hawkes Bay Transition Town initiative..
Discussions after the screening of the films.

Koha requested at the door.


July 17th, 10:30 am, Hauraki House Theatre, Coromandel

Meeting to discuss the re-establishment of a locally grown food and produce market in Coromandel.


July 17th, 2:00 pm, Coromandel Rudolf Steiner School, Rings Road, Coromandel

The next meeting of Steering Committee, open to all interested in promoting the Transition Town Initiative in Coromandel.


A Google news group was formed for the Coromandel Transition Town initiative.

I am happy to act as a conduit for those interested in getting a transition town movement started in Coromandel.

Please email everth at or call Thomas Everth on 07 866-7462 for information.