Food Forest Road Trip with family

School holidays and an invitation to visit Dean Williamson in Fielding to explore his idea for 10 acre food forests up and down the country, was enough to start the road trip planning.

I let a few people know we were heading South, and would love to visit some existing food forests and were happy to talk with people along the way, and an agenda quickly emerged.

We’re leaving Waiheke today (Jul 13th) and will be home on the 24th.

Maybe we’ll meet up at one of these events

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Food Forest Webinar – Nr.1 – Introduction

From a simple impulse to connect a few people in a conversation, and share some stories of progress in the food forest space in Aotearoa (New Zealand), this webinar idea gained traction rather faster than I expected.

The inaugural Food Forest webinar – from Aotearoa

Webinar 1 speakersWhen I made a post on Facebook page to say there were 35 people signed up for the Webinar, it was at about 7 days to go. To date, there have been 75 people, from all up and down the country who have signed up. Not bad for two weeks lead time.

Even John Valenzuela registered to attend. John is the horticulturist, consultant and educator from Marin County California, best known for his work with rare fruit, home gardening, trees, traditional agriculture, plant propagation, and ethnobotany – I’m hoping we can get him back to present one day. By the time it arrived I had sent notifications to 70 people.

On the day, 43 attendees logged in and saw and heard the presentations from Finn MacKesy, Jon Foote and myself (or parts of them). There were some technical issues, for example some people couldn’t get in if they arrived late. I found out that I had overlooked the limit of attendees for the subscription level I had paid for (more on that later). My apologies. But overall it went quite well - as you'll see from the recording.

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VIDEO: The Power of Just Doing Stuff

Richard Heinberg Auckland Presentation on YouTube

Hi Everyone,

Richard Heinberg's Auckland presentation from 30th Sept 2012 has been edited by Deep Green Productions and is on Youtube to watch.  Please pass the link on for others that may be interested. » Read more

In Transition 2.0 - Trailer

If this trailer is indicative of the film, it looks to be an inspiring one!

What a delight to see so many images from Lyttelton woven through it.

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Video: Get it Done - Mic Check at Durban Climate Change conference

Susan Krumdieck's picture

Susan Krumdieck addresses parliament in Belgium on Transition Planning for Cities and Personal Transport

Transition Engineering researcher, Dr. Susan Krumdieck from University of Canterbury, has presented a lecture on planning for Peak Oil to the Walloon Parliament in Belgium. » Read more

The Kai Rakau Project

The Kai Rakau Project, currently being developed by Emma Williamson and Savannah Carter-Green, is a community based project with view to create a "Mother Orchard" of 3000 fruiting trees and native plantings, in Sanders Reserve, Paremoremo, Auckland New Zealand. » Read more

Lyttelton - the Spirit lives on

Signs of Change Conference on YouTube

You may want to bookmark this one for some holiday viewing.

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