AQUAPONICS in Whanganui

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Aquaponics in Whanganui

Okay folks time for an update of where we are now April 2012. Our Aquaponics Unit has just arrived into port two weeks ago from Australia via so we are ready to go anytime now. For months on end we have continued to search for the right land with the right price, however leasing a little land would be more suitable initially for a 2 year period whilst we complete our data collection for various vegetable types.

We have had a couple of offers from other areas (Waitakere & Tauranga) for leasing, however we were hoping to reside the educational centre here in Whanganui as the climate in the Horowhenua and Manawatu areas are so awesome and much warmer.

So, what to do..... if anyone can put some light on this for us, do let us know before we comitt to another area. We would be very greatful if someone has a little bit of land they would like to lease out.  1/4 acre - 1ha would be most ideal.

When we think about how much damage has been caused by chemicals and the many damaging foodstuffs on our supermarket shelfs that don't benefit our grand-children/mokopuna including our elderly we hope to introduce another alternative to traditional gardening to all backyard gardeners or city dwellers. Can you imagine living in the city with your own organic veges, fruit and fish growing on your balcony! Well it can happen.

Pera & Turoa



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Pera & Turoa

Any chance you'd be willing to show us what you're up to when you're ready? Sustainable Whanganui organises talks and workshops and this is right up our street.

Let us know at the Whanganui Enviro Base on 345 6000 when you can.


Hadi Gurton

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Kia ora Hadi, we sure can, and look forward to the outcome of our pilot/test. At the time of registering here we had no idea that there was a Sustainable or Eco group here in Whanganui. We would like to be part of the group where do we join please. We would also be interested in learning what everyone else is doing in our area as we are in search of leasing a little bit of land and maybe set our Aquaponics unit which is a large system, set up in a more rural based area and away from any chemicals... household sprays, commercial chemical usage and so forth!

Thank you very much!

Pera & Turoa


Hi Pera & Turoa,

It sounds like you have a good set-up, we are just getting started, in the process of gathering materials, reading books and watching DVD's etc. We are visiting NZ from Australia over the next couple of weeks and it would be great if we could meet you both and perhaps ask a few questions and have a look at your set-up so far.

Great to see there is so much happening in your area. Very inspiring!

All the best,

Suzie and Karl.


Hello Suzie and Karl

Absolutely awesome guys! You are most welcome to visit or you can email us at

Our setup is still being worked on and the hope is to have everything in place and the build completed by April 2012 next year or sooner, that is the plan. So at this stage there is nothing to view physically, but like all things takes time to implement due to many factors. However working through the hurdles has been rewarding as there are always checks to make along the way or changes.

Do you live in Australia Suzie? if so I'd like to recommend you check out a business associate and friend Murray Hallam who is assisting us at This maybe easier for you since you already (I'm assuming you live in Australia) Do take a browse as time permits its very interesting and exciting.

Take a look at this exciting YTube..... this is a high tech educational centre producing of Aquaponic's growing huge fruits and vegetables. One tomato tree engineered by Japanese scientist producing 2000 tomatoes plus... really amazing!

Well we wish you good luck on your holiday here in New Zealand and do keep in touch!

Thank you for your enquiry.... Pera & Turoa

Backyard aquaponics

Hey Guys, welcome to the world of aquaponics...We travelled through both North and South island in 2004 promoting aquaponics to the heads of the Polytechnic facilities you have over there in New Zealand but they didnt understand the simplicity and uniqueness of this type of modern farming practices. glad to know that it is starting to get a momentum.

Our private research facility will be closed in April/May this yr and we now have Federal funding in Australia to develop the commercial sector beginning May 2011.

The heavily subscribed Aquaponic 101 course is available from:
and this software program has 4 gigs of info with 10s of hours of scientific readings, video and real simulators for aquaponics, aquaculture etc.

Wishing you all the best for your ventures and you can can contact us or myself with any queries at


Andrew S. de Dezsery M.Sc
International Specialised Skills Institute Fellow

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Aquaponics NZ

Well thank you Andrew, its nice to communicate with folks who have been down the learning curb of Aquaponics. The simplicity of the whole process, yes there are many benefits once setup correctly and its a shame no one took the time to investigate Aquaponics on your visit, a real shame.

We do hope to bring this to our local community, ideally would love to see this concept established within our primary schools. Watching what difficulties our own grandchildren have been experiencing due to the lack of good quality foods and the reduction in school funding, has placed a lot of pressure on our parents and teachers. Some of our schools are providing breakfast for the children before they go to class, so what does that say...

However, there are many instances such as the above where Aquaponics will be a delight in anyones backyard, many savings and benefits to be gained from the traditional way of gardening, especially when one considers the damage caused by chemical spraying. Another great benefit is the saving of water usage which many of our communities face during the summer period.

There is definately a lot to learn in aquaponics more-so the benefits.

Thank you for your support Andrew!

Hi Aquiponics NZ I am also

Hi Aquiponics NZ

I am also looking into Aquaponics. - I am very curious what kind of fish are you or will you be using. I saw that Goldfish would do, but I would like a fish we can cook and eat. It looks like Grass Carp would be a good fish to use (eats plants), but I believe one is not allowed to breed this fish in New Zealand. I am not even sure if you are allowed to use it for Aquaponics.

AQUAPONICS - next level up from Hydroponics

Hello there, I must apologize for this late response a glitch in our emailing system as we weren't notified by our good ole emailing buddy lol.

Listen great to hear that you are considering Aquaponics. Essentially, we shall be starting out with gold-fish due to the costs involved with permits and licensing under the MAF regulations and requirements. A costly exercise ! So this is the approach we intend to be taking initially and work towards that goal alongside the laws to acquire other types of fish we would be allowed to breed.

Its certainly exciting and we are still in the early stages continuing to build on our aquaponic's foundations and setup for a educational training centre... but like all good things takes a little time to have everything in place correctly.

As for Grass Carp, again one would need to check this out with MAF or try Mahurangi Technical Institue who will give you professional guidence. We wish you well should you get started.

We hope to be providing not only brought off the shelf Aquaponic units but will definately be introducing the DIY approach for those wanting to build their own systems. Again this is part of our goal to reach and hope to be working on the foundations come January 2012.

We wish you the best and do keep in touch.
You can always e-mail us at

Our best in your venture

Trout would work fine if you

Trout would work fine if you catch a couple and keep them in a airated live bait tank for the journey home.

Also Grass Carp taste like mud unless your careful so you need to work some magic on them... look at banjo country gator recipes. It is also the best species you can get in new zealand with trout farming being illegal.

Also goldfish grow to the size of the tank... 2 fish in a cubic meter tank will grow quite large.

Hi Zug7 Your in NZ cuz

Hi Zug7

Your in NZ cuz salmon, Koura, trout what other fresh kaimoana do we have?
anyone saying your not allowed to or that you need permit's etc it is only for a commercial scale which I doubt your doing on a massive scale. I'm looking at setting up a system for trout myself as they are one of my favorite fish to eat.



Kia Ora

Im really interested in aquaponics and as I live in Ratana was excited that you are so close.I have been just exploring some of the literature about this especially in NZ.

I would be really appreciative in learning from your experiences and how you have developed this.

Basically Im keen to hopefully set up an aquaponic system at home. Any advice would be appreciated.


Any new information on fish

Hi all,

I would be very interested to hear latest information or updates regarding MAF and what is legal within NZ. I'm not interested in commerical stuff by any means, just want to know what fish types can be used in a home setup.

Would love to hear from people that have their own DIY systems and what planting they find works best - I am Dunedin based.




Hi Shane, great to hear from you!

The best suggestion we can offer is that you contact Mahurangi Technical Institute ask for a David Cooper, he will be more then pleased to guide you on this area. Here are his details;

David Cooper
Special Projects Manager
Mahurangi Technical Institute
+64 9 425 8493
+64 9 425 8934 (DDI)
+64 21 993272 (mobile)

also we haven't managed to start as yet, still searching for that right piece of land at the right price, but I anticipate that its not far now and can't wait to get moving, its been 3yrs in research now and I feel like I can hook the unit up in my sleep lol, which has just landed into Wellington Port.

Wish you well on your search Shane and do keep in touch.

Cheers Pera


Apologies Geoff for late response, however that's great you are doing some research of your own. There is alot of information on the internet surrounding aquaponics, and they all are similar in starting.

We have not started as yet but we are hoping to within one month since our Unit has now arrived into port, once we find that ideal land piece at the right price, which does hinder this part of the process a little. Ideally we want to reside in our Centre in Wanganui, but we have had two options of leasing land but it is out of the region.

That is great you want to setup your own system at home, at this stage the only item we can offer you is that if possible we have a couple of Aquaponics DVD's we are happy to loan you including building your own system if this helps.

Let us know what you would like to do, you can text or ring me on 027 365 8461 which is best right now as I'm traveling a little right now.

Be good to hear from you Geoff and again many apologies for the late reply. Pera

Hi Pera and Turoa I really

Hi Pera and Turoa

I really want to build myself a small unit in my backyard but I want to able to eat the fish from it. So what fish can we use in New Zealand that are worth eating? and where can we get them from?


Where you are now

Hi guys just curious to know where you guys are now a year later and how the aquaponics is going for you.

Interested Auckalnd Newbie


I would dearly love to see a small unit set up in a someones backyard here in Auckland. Anyone around that would be happy for me to visit them and be given a guided tour?

Many thanks

Auckland aqua ponics

In the process of building one...

2 ponds
1 worm farm
8 x 3 green house
8 x 2.5 meter grow chambers

20 large plants and 80 medium.

Where Are You A Year On?

Be interested to know where you are a year on?

Many thanks and blessings


Have I missed something in the area of physics with this. Nutrients will need to be added in some form... or the fish won't grow and the plants won't be fed.

That being said its quite easy to add weed from another pond into the cycle and worms for the fish... growing worms and having a pond full of oxygen weed would cover this in another system.

All you really need is the chamber with floating beds...
Fish tank with a sump to pump from as the waste fall to the lowest point...
Something to add oxygen to the water. air pump for a large fish tank.
Circulation pump
Chamber with Gypsum to keep PH constant.
Another pond for growing weed.
A worm farm (they breed october/november) and take about a year to get up and running.
A green house
A supplier for preadator insects... spider mites breed like crazy in a green house.
Fish Tilapia are not available... grass carp must be because thats what they appear to be using in comercial systems. Trout could also work catch a couple and chuck them in a bait tank and then in your pond... fatten up and eat. If you don't give a flying eating the fish just use gold fish they are cheap and easily available.

what about eels for fish

what about eels for fish tanks any thoughts


Hi is there still anyone doing aquaponics in New Zealand?