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Education is the key to motivating change. People only modify behaviours when they are aware of information that makes it necessary or desirable to do so. We have groups working on spreading the word both to adults and to our children, who will be inheriting the world from us in whatever shape we leave it. Replace the "at" with the symbol "@" in the email address. » Read more

Certificate in Sustainable Practice and Permaculture Design- Nelson Bays

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Location / Venue: 
Nelson Bays- Tui Community & throughout NZ

Film: Blue Planet (2 episodes)

SUNDAY, 27th September 4.30 pm, Memorial Hall Free. (Gold coin koha to pay for venue appreciated).
THE BLUE PLANET. Narrated by David Attenborough

Films: Earth:The Climate Wars & Winged Migration


FRIDAY, 21st of AUGUST 2009

7.30 pm

MEMORIAL HALL, Pah Street, Motueka

British geologist Iain Stewart examines the history of the scientific
debate over climate change, how it became so heated, and where the
science stands today. What he finds is that, as theories are vigorously
challenged, the real winner in the debate is science itself.
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Tending Our Living Earth - Tiakina te Taiao - rural living skills course at Riverside Community

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Location / Venue: 
Riverside Community, Moutere Valley (near Nelson) Aotearoa / New Zealand

Fresh FM - Ted Howard on what to do with bikes

  • TRANSITION TOWNS…June 15 Monday 5:10PM & June 20 Saturday 6:40PM

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Film Showing - Home

  Next free film screening

As this film is exciting and new we changed the programme and can proudly present:


Just Released! 

FRIDAY, 19th of June

7.30 pm


Film Projection System

One of our list members, Don Smith, has bought a film projection system to assist those of us who want to show films for TT purposes. Up to now, Bruce Geddes has been very generous with his equipment.. Don's offer adds to our resources. This is extremely timely. On the day of Don's offer, the Education group was laying plans for regular film evenings. Don is the curator of the TRactor Museum on Moutere Highway, and can be contacted there.

New Learning


The essence of all “learning”

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