New timebank system is ready

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New timebank system is ready

I became interested in timebanking in ~2008, was at the early TT meetings.

I've finally developed a nation-wide timebank system which can work immediately for every community in NZ.  Its free. Its just coming coming on-line now. There is no software to install or servers required; its ready to use. Accessible by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Like all transition towns initiatives it depends heavily on strong developing communities. We've decided to call it Time Exchange.


Or message me through here.

Its primarily a timebanking system, not a content-management system, community portal or point of presence.  But can be easily linked into existing community portals or custom front pages created for your community.  Its an alternative to CW for those who don't have the resources or interest in setting up their own CW system.  Now there is no longer a barrier to get timebanking going immediately in your community.

More information will be publically available once its officially released.

If you are into community service & volunteer work, and are an early-adopter type, warmly welcome new members to get on and start trading time.  See ya there!

James Samuel
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I'll let some people know about this

Thank you for posting this here, and alerting us to this!
And a huge thank you for the work on it!

I wish you all the very best!


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anything currently going?

Hi Richard

I just came across this post. The link is broken. Presumably you've stopped operating the site. If so, do you know of any other initiatives like this? Am interested in starting a community currency.


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