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Background on Kaiwaka Initiatives

Kaiwaka is on SH1 between Wellsford and Whangarei, just south of the SH 12 turning to Dargaville and of the Brynderwyn Hills. Holiday visitors often know our Dutch Cheese Shop and the very funky Cafe Eutopia (which also sells organic food) and make it one of their regular breaks in their journey.

We are lucky in Kaiwaka as the town seems to attract alternative people. We have two Eco-Villages, Otamatea and Kohatu Toa but also many local people on life-style blocks are already trying to be less dependent on the main-stream economy. We have several inter-connecting networks which have been passing round videos (in one format or another) of movies such as "The End of Suburbia" for several years. Kaiwaka Organics (which used to be the Koanga Gardens Shop), situated on the land of the Kohatu Toa Eco-Village, runs sustainable living workshops. The Koanga Institute is no longer in our area but a number of us still save our own seeds. We have an established Green $ Scheme here which is based at Kohatu Toa Eco-Village but which has many members from the broader community. The Green $ scheme has been operating since about 2005 and is a fantastic networking resource as well as supporting us to trade and exchange skills and time.

For information about Transition Town Kaiwaka please e-mail Sabine: pukahu@slingshot.co.nz or phone 09 431 2231

Our events are usually advertised in our local free paper The Bugle.

The activity of our subgroups is very variable but an enquiry is likely to spark new energy. Public meetings are also dependent on energy levels.



GARDENING / FOOD GROUP Our aim is to increase self-reliance in our local area in terms of food production and distribution. We have held working bees at different properties to help each other out, learn & share skills, network & build community links.

ORCHARD GROUP aims to find cheap or free sources of fruit trees and offer them to local schools leading to inspiration of families and adding to food security.

TRANSPORT GROUP Looking at opportunities around the local railway (currently a completely under-utilised resource with only a couple of goods trains through per day. For info contact m.tschirky@slingshot.co.nz

SEWING / CRAFT GROUP Meets regularly to share skills. People work on a range of projects including knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting and hooked rag rug making. A great way to network and learn. Contact pippa.andrews@hotmail.com

HEART & SOUL GROUP To offer & receive support for our inner transitions Contact pukahu@slingshot.co.nz

ALTERNATIVE ECONOMICS GROUPOur aim is to put in place a local economy that secures our future. Contact Helen: hgmarsh@xtra.co.nz