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Local Transition Towns - or Transition Towns Initiatives - lie at the heart of the TT movement. Whilst they can be towns, villages, cities, islands or any other geographically defined settlement, what they all have in common is the aim to increase the resilience of the communities living within. There are no rules about what a Transition initiative can or cannot be - and many of the initiatives have either smaller sub-units or join forces on a bigger level as so called "Transition Hubs". Many find that different scales work for different issues - whilst food growing might be a very local issue, transport within the region might be better dealt with on a bigger scale.

Important for local groups is their ability to still be able to relate to each other. Whatever the group finds they can still "get their heads around" will be a good size. Helpful may be an ability to link back to the regional authority and its planning, although this is not a necessity.


The purpose of Local Transition Initiatives is to drive forward the "energy descent" process in their region. This may be through a more or less formal "Energy Descent Action Plan", through hands-on projects (like the establishment of community gardens or transport schemes), through awareness raising (film sreenings, lectures, workshops etc) or the establishment of partnerships with existing community groups to help disperse and implement the transition message. It may also be all or none of the above - many ways are possible and it will truly depend on the nature of the group and its members where the priorities will lie. Whatever their unique "flavour" may be, all groups have the full support of the wider network and draw on the knowledge, resources, experiences and "living models" from other Transition Initiatives in New Zealand and the world.

Left is a list of exisiting Transition Initiatives. If you live close to one of them, check out their page. They usually have at least a contact person listed there, but sometimes there will be upcoming and past events and local news there also. If no upcoming events are listed on the local group page, get in touch with the contact person and see what's happening - many active groups do not update this wiki often.

If you can't find your place on the list, read here how you start your own group.