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About us

Project Lyttelton is a community non-profit organisation that has embraced cutting-edge thinking to meet the challenges of a changing world.

PL is showing the way forward in our community, harnessing a wide skill base, and using innovative methods to capture community imagination and help create a shared vision for the future.


Vision Statement

Lyttelton - Portal to Canterbury's historic past, a vibrant sustainable community, creating a living future.


Our projects

Multiple projects are significantly advancing sustainable development at the community level. Through projects as varied as waste minimization, recreation, festivals, a monthly newspaper, local food production, a Time Bank, education programmes, a Farmer’s Market, energy initiatives and collective visioning workshops, PL has contributed significantly to the social, economic, recreational and environmental wellbeing of Lyttelton.

PL focuses on the community's achievements rather than its problems, and seeks to go beyond participation to foster inspiration at the grass-roots level.

PL is committed to honouring Lyttelton’s unique character and identity, and nurturing cultural and recreational wellbeing. Lyttelton’s Summer and Winter street parties have put Lyttelton on the festival map.

With increasing concern over rising oil prices and economic uncertainty PL considers the relocalisation of food production to be a key factor in building resilient communities The Farmers’ Market was set up to support growing and buying local produce. The Lyttelton community garden is a place where people communally grow food. It works on a sweat equity basis - do some work, take some food. The Grow Local initiative is an organic garden project based at Opawa.

PL is committed to working in harmony with the environment and contributing to solving climate change issues. The Energy Matters group is looking at how we can reduce our carbon footprint and has organized insulation bulk deals, an energy survey and trials of innovative technology. Other initiatives include a local waste minimisation scheme, composting and worm farm and a reusable shopping bags promotion. There is a working group looking at the feasibility of community owned wind turbines.

The Lyttelton Time Bank is a skills sharing initiative where skills are shared on a equal time credit basis. This helps increase social cohesion and a sense of community, values the work of everyone and records the amount of social capital within a community. A Community Van driven by a volunteer makes a weekly trip to shops and appointments for those who have difficulty using public transport.



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Harbour Co-op Celebration Saturday

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Lyttel Piko store,12 London Street, Lyttelton

Lyttelton - the Spirit lives on

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Lyttelton Time Bank workshop August 22

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