Transition Town Beginnings

Karori Transition Towns is on the ground and running.  Beginning afresh in 2009, we are a small, enthusiastic group keen to grow, learn and get moving.  Ar our first get together, we chatted about our dream for a fun, connected community where neighbours know their neighbours, share stuff, dig in with community gardening, bring in experts and teach each other how to retrofit houses, compost, source allergy-friendly food and products, explore co-ops, share seeds, seedlings and plants, eggs... and support local businesses.

Next up we're having a film night... stay tuned and email us to register your interest (link below).

About Karori:

Karori is a large suburb in the western hills of Wellington that has everything you're looking for in a self-sustaining town - pools, schools, bridge clubs, bush walks, co-op food, historical societies, and good people.

Some links of interest:

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Please email for more information.