Waitati is a small community, 20 kms north of Dunedin and Dunedin North on Blueskin Bay - just over the hill from Port Chalmers. Waitati is nestled among other small coastal communities, and functions as a 'hub' Blueskin Bay community. It is the only Blueskin settlement with a commercial zone. Blueskin is a zone of linked coastal communities, a bounded energy zone (around the Waitati Substation), a diverse food production area, and a geographical area bounded by hills and the sea. There are about 1000 households in all the Blueskin area and 200 of those comprise the settlement of Waitati.

We're a small community with a lot of ommph. There's a long history of trying out alternatives and starting initiatives for sustainability and environmental awareness. In 2006 we began thinking more precisely about Peak Oil, Climate Change, Economic Volitility and managing the challenges. Since then, much has happened in an increasingly structured way, while still remaining incredibly creative and diverse. In 2017 we're working through the Resource Consent process aiming to develop our Blueskin Turbine as a renewable generation asset, and provide a social enterprise vehicle for community benefit. This is taking place via the Blueskin Energy Ltd a charitable company owned by the Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust. There's so much more happening as well, including low carbon transport, local food, Home Performance Assessments and more. Check out the Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust's website.

We've got many plans and initiatives, and we do 'Blue Sky Visioning' to help us get there.

The Key Transition Initiative

The Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust provides governance and support for transition initiatives (see also some detail on this site)


Other Important Social/Alt/Enviro Institutions and or sites

  • Mushroom Magazine was founded and printed in Waitati until 1985 (it is in print, not online at all - only this)
  • The Waitati Film Society is a key Waitati institution
  • The Orokonui Ecosantuary is now established and open to the public
  • Our local library (Blueskin Bay Library) is an information and activity hub, along with the hall
  • Blueskin Baywatch is a group interested in promoting appropriate land-use and planning.
  • Waitati School is an Enviro School and is where many of our youth begin to appreciate the challenges we all face and certainly learn about gardening, energy, the environment, community and much more
  • W3 Rideshare was an informal rideshare system for the Northern Districts
  • The Blueskin Youth Centre Administration is a local committee aiming to build resources for Blueskin youth
  • Waitati Neighbourhood Support fosters community spirit and addresses local issue


Ongoing Activity Fundraising

The Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust is a registered Charitable Trust with IRD Donee status. Please consider supporting our ongoing community work. Please visit our website for more information.


Sponsors and Funders

Our initiatives aimed at making a transition to a lower energy lifestyle, building local resilience, and creatively planning for a challenging future are supported not just by a dynamic and engaged community of volunteers and passionate people, but also by some key supporters and funders. We are grateful for the support we receive.

Blueskin Energy Project Columns

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This page is a collection of BEP monthly Columns. The column provides the public face to BEP action locally and is a partial log of activities. Note: the Blueskin Energy Project used to known as the Waitati Energy Project.


Blueskin Resilient Community Trust: Columns

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Here is a page of BRCT columns as they've appeared in the Blueskin News.


New Zealand Network of Action

Since receiving Hikurangi Support in August 2009, BRCT has been working with other key groups around New Zealand. Our collaboration has the goal of develop and deliver action, develop common strategy, learn more about what works and what doesn't and get greater access to expertise, mentoring and inspiration. Take a look at these dynamic hubs for action on Climate Change.

Forum and Discussion

It is not just here at Waitati, though there are many diverse activities here. Related things are happening in our general Dunedin area. The Dunedin Area Forum is where different forum topics relating to the greater Dunedin Area is located, and is interactive - an open space for discussion. Other than that, you could go to the different transition initiatives (their pages) in Dunedin: so far Dunedin North, Port Chalmers, and Dunedin, and expanding! (Actually, expanding along the East Coast of Otago - have a look at the East Otago Transition Collaboration discussion, emerging as a project based regional grouping of Transition initiatives to make things happen).



In the Media

The Blueskin News is 'our' news, and then there's...



The Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust office on 03 4822048 or office@brct.org.nz