Island Bay World Service

Welcome to the Island Bay World Service Transition Towns group.

We in IBWS have long followed forecasts of severe global problems, interlinked and coming together in a crisis around 2030. With so much denial, we formed our organisation 3 years ago. Events show that the forecasts are robust and we feel that there should be a greater awareness and readiness to take action.   We are then outspoken and challenging.

An introduction and links is at An interview of John Robinson with Noel Cheer (Stratos TV) is at and An interview of Derek Wilson and John Robinson with Access Radio Kapiti is at

We can be at contacted at

We walk on two legs, both think global and act local.  Some of us belong to other Transition Towns groups and take part in efforts to set up community gardens and orchards.  We were active in setting up the 2009 display in the Cathedral and joining the discussion there.  Now (January 2011) we have formed a Transitoin Towns group and will be active within TT.

Many thanks to Rimu for helping us set up this site.  We expect to organise a Wellington meeting on global issues during February and hope to see many people there for a lively debate.