Transition Oamaru and Waitaki District

The Natural Heritage Society of Oamaru


  • Organic methods of farming with appropriate technology.
  • An organic produce market including the development of a cottage industry.
  • The preservation and conservation of natural and cultural resources.
  • Environmental and socially sustainable employment including traditional arts and crafts.
  • Education based training programmes.
  • Transition Town Oamaru project


Pease feel free to contact us:

Natural Heritage Society Oamaru

Nathalie: (03) 434 2594


Gail: (03) 434-9761



Sustainable Skills Winter - Spring School

7 July - 14 Oct 2012


The Sustainable Skills School continues with a much longer format, offering courses suited to students schedules. Most courses are run by arrangement with the tutors. Visit our website at for course descriptions and tutor contact info.


Sustainable Skills Summer School

15-23 January 2011

The sustainable skills summer school is a response by Transition Town Oamaru to the imminent consequences of peak oil and climate change.

The purpose of the world-wide Transition Town movement is to help communities prepare themselves for a time when readily available oil and its products become increasingly scarce.

We have called on mostly local people who have sustainable skills that they are willing to teach in order to help the community become more self-reliant.

Sustainability is defined as the ability to meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Download pogramme in pdf format (355kb)