Point Chevalier

TPC minutes 9th February 2016

Attending: Heidi, Deryn, Bex, Ellen, Ann and Walter Niki


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progress at the Pt Chevalier Dignan Street Community Garden in 2015

The Dignan Street Community Garden hub - summary Dec 2014 - Nov 2015
One year ago, in 2014 the Old Homestead garden group took on another challenge, a half green at the Bowling Club, 25 Dignan Street.

Minutes for Transition Point Chevalier meeting, 10 November 2015-11-10

Att: Walter, Ian, Heidi, Yvette, Niki, Ellen

Apologies: Deryn, Ally, Jenny, Bex, Charlotte

1. Repair Cafe: Heidi talked to Terry and he is happy to volunteer his cobbler/leather repair skills if date suits. Heidi also has radio repair person (in-law). Anna sent an email to all who put their name on a list at SWAP5. » Read more

Minutes for Transition Point Chevalier meeting, 13 October 2015

1 Up-Markets: Heidi recommended the new market in Pt Chevalier, every Saturday, located between Meola Rd and Motions Rd, on the spare land east of the driveway/ tramway. It's definitely worth supporting. Stalls there include a shoemaker from Henderson who makes shoes using rubber soles and leather uppers, and which can be repaired; a couple who live on Meola Rd who sell things like pickled onions, piccalilli and tomato relish; a Mexican couple selling hot Mexican condiments; eco cleaners,; meat; cheese; artworks; etc. » Read more

Point Chev Games Night - Round #4

Point Chev Games Night - Round #3

Pt Chev Games Night #3


Swap Five Event

What a great success for our Swap Five event! We had lots of people contributing pre-loved items and it almost felt like Christmas when discovering hidden gems, still fashionable or at least wearable art clothing and other cool gadgets in the electronics department. All accompanied by free (Koha) yummy food and lots of excitement - this one calls for a repeat for sure!


Swap Five Pt Chev - 13 Sep 2015

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Meeting TPC - 8 September 2015

Present: Heidi, Ally, Ellen, Anna, Sandi, Bruce, Adrian, Bex, Evette, Walter and Anne - Yolanda and Guido arrived for repair café video.

Apologies: Nikki, Deryn

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Transition Pt Chevalier Meeting - August 11, 2015

Present: Jenny, Heidi, Deryn, Niki, Ellen, Bex, Yvette, Chris (Boys)


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