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In 2009 the Transition Pt Chev Purchasing Group got underway.  Let's begin our introduction with our ...

Misson Statement

PURCHASING GROUP - "The purpose of the purchasing group is to put in place structures that provide access to food and other products consistent with the overall aims of Transition Pt Chevalier. To do this, we wish to create a purchasing community, in which we develop relationships with producers and suppliers and also strengthen our relationships with each other. Producers, suppliers and products will be chosen by the extent to which they met the following purchasing principles (note, these are not in order of importance and are not all relevant to all products): organic, local, fair trade, low packaging, as few steps as possible to the grower or manufacturer, cheaper than retail, high quality."

Purchasing seems a particularly important part of creating a society which is more considerate of the environment and our responsibilities to each other. In particular the production, distribution and marketing of food lies at the core of any social and economic system. Our aim with the purchasing group is to give people in Pt Chev the opportunity to purchase in ways more consistent with the society we'd like to live in.

The calendar below has information about the products we have sourced that meet (at least some of) our principles, listed in the paragraph above. To find out more about the product, please click on one of the product links below the calendar. This will provide you with more information like product details, ordering and delivery dates and the contact person. For some products there is no ordering date, as we are offering only information with a direct route to the supplier. For others, a member of Transition Pt Chev has undertaken to collate bulk orders for products. We would love to have more people from Pt Chev ordering with us, as that reduces the ‘food miles’ associated with bringing products into the suburb. If you would like to find out more about our process, or offer a supplier, please contact Niki.

Naturally the produce can also be ordered directly from the suppliers, however often as an individual household we don't reach the minimum quantities so ordering via us will give you the benefits of fresh local organic food without the need to order large quantities. Clicking on the "Last Order Date" in the schedule will provide you with more information like product details, delivery dates and the contact person. Also keep in mind that ideally we would like to limit this service to members of the Point Chevalier Transition Group so being a resident of Point Chevalier is a necessary requirement.

If you know of any suppliers and local growers who we could purchase from, it would be great if you could bring their details to the next meeting. If you are unable to attend, but would like to send comments for consideration, please get in touch with Niki or 8456525.

Also please don't miss out on the Grey Lynn Farmers’ Market taking place every Sunday except the last Sunday of the month, Grey Lynn Community Center, 8am – 12 noon !


Update on 16/07/2015, at 9:45 pm, Ellen Schindler <> wrote:

Hi all

Some of you may remember that we have talked about a co-op buying bulk in a private shop model. The discussions went on with nothing eventuating for a lack of suitable space and at the time we did not wish to pose a threat to the organic shop that is no more and the distribution was a bit of a nightmare.

An interesting affordable opportunity might come up to a share of an enclosed space (part of the double garage at the Bowling Club).

This would allow us to purchase larger quantities of a range of very common items without the immediate need for 100% of the goods being spoken for at the time of ordering.

A membership fee could afford to cover the purchase a little not-yet spoken for or a few basics and an ongoing $mall percentage added could cover potential spills/loss. The financial advantage per kg when buying the large 11kg bags of nuts, seeds etc is substantial. 

A shop like scenario needs lots of trust but less distribution commitment and can easily be run by a committee. The garage is accessible at all times as on kinda public (it's still privately owned) space.

But too early to go into details, just triggering your "thought buds".

I should say that there would not be much rent to pay  (if at all) but a little contribution to power. The grapevine told me that lucky us,o an old functional freezer might become available soon (could be used for bulk meat or blueberries etc or simply rat-proof storage).

So, if you are still interested and keen to be a part of a trial for 1/2 or 1 year ( and then we evaluate) get back to me what meeting day to discuss would suit best.

If you can't make it and want to be in the loop here is first meeting to discuss this:


Mo 3.5.2015 @ 7pm @ 25 Dignan Street


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