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The Thames Transition Town group began meeting in October 2007. Like many Transition initiatives we have gone from strength to confusion, and back again! There does seem to be a common journey like this, in many places. We have been blessed and challenged by the range of activities already underway in the area. Blessed because there's so much happening. Challenged because its often the same group. In the end we gave up worrying too much and just get on with it. We've gone through times of outreach and profile; and other time which have been more about consolidation. What we see as our most important role is being both crucible and catalyst. Whilst there aren't any branded projects underway, other than the monthly cafe evening and when film or talks are staged, there are many projects that have had genesis or nurture under the mantle of the group. Recently the Tracks programme, where youths make the transition to manhood, has been brought to the area by a member of the group, and involving a number of transitioners in establishing and maintaining a core of men to enable the programme. Lately - 2010 - we've been involved with a series of bigger ticket community items [notably around the town's cycling provision and its 50 year plan, the Blueprint] as well as laying the foundations for community supported agriculture, carbon reduction and, of course, trying to be usefully involved and not overwhelmed by the mining issue. You can see us on: You can visit us at our monthly Transition Cafe, usually held at Danby's Cafe on Pollen Street - or you can contact us as